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I’m a licensed Real Estate Broker with 39 years of full time active selling experience. I’ve made a career of listing and selling and honing my negotiating skills. Ongoing education keeps me abreast of ever evolving changes and regulations. Times have changed vastly from 1979 when offers were typed on carbon paper with 6 original copies, all changes initialed and signed and physically delivered to all parties, and now E signatures and initials are delivered to all by email within seconds. Properties were sold with knob and tube wiring, galvanized plumbing, asbestos, and unknown present day environmental issues. Today there’s a host of precautions protecting home buyers from those mentioned plus just recently to include the new laws re: marijuana smoking and growing in homes.

The one constant for me is to always be honesty. I treat my clients as I would like to be treated, always with their best interest in mind. I get answers when asked, and fully disclose all, both  good or bad to help you make the best decision even if that means walking away. Pretty simple rules to follow, but I sleep well at night. For me it’s about my clients and what is best for them. I’ve worked with thousands of clients advising them on all aspects of purchasing and selling real estate

I’m extremely proud that 90-95 % of my annual business is always repeat business or referrals from satisfied customers. I treasure that and strive to improve every day.

My family’s # 1 and they have been supportive and understanding all these years.  My wife Jayne is the best and totally understands my work ethic meeting clients when they need me whether it’s to show a listing, prepare and present an offer, or list their property. Sometimes it’s with short notice as time is of the essence. Jayne’s always been thoughtful and understanding when I’ve had to leave  family gatherings suddenly to attend my clients needs.

This is my full time job, I’m committed to you! It’s important, I care, our LOGO says it, always on the move. If 39 years of success has taught me anything, it’s I couldn’t have achieved or accomplished what I have without Jayne or my son Jeff.

I live here, l work here, & I play here. I was born and raised here .My family can be traced back to the Westbrooks, who’s fascinating story brought them to Brant around 1770’s, prior to the  American Revolution. They purchased land along Fairchild’s Creek from their friend Captain Joseph Brant which today is the area of Shaver Road. The original family cemetery is located here. Over the last 240 years my ancestors raised their families here bought, sold and farmed, and built here.

I am a skilled negotiator having handled hundreds and hundreds of transactions. My goal is to get the best price for your home, or the best home for your price..

I’ve assisted in all manners of real estate helping clients make wise decisions whether buying or selling .My true passion is residential and in particular century homes.

I’m a past member of Paris Lions Club, and a Past 1st Principal of Royal Arch Masons. Although I enjoyed these worthwhile charitable organizations, it became more important for me to spend more and more time with my grandsons Korbin and Tucker.  Everything they do from school to sports whether football, soccer to track and field, or whatever else they enjoy.

Still working on encouraging them into golf!

My hobby is golf- I am an avid fan and player. I collect golf antiques and memorabilia. I follow various tours, including the LPGA and the PGA, and especially all things “Masters”.

I’m blessed to have earned the respect from peers, colleagues, lawyers, home inspectors and mortgage brokers, but most importantly again my family and friends. I’m truly blessed to have an occupation that’s fun and that I enjoy. .

A favourite quote – “ What Goes Around Comes Around “

“as you sow,so shall you reap” is the basic understanding of  how Karma,the law of cause and effect works . The word karma literally means “activity”.

Depending on your actions, one will reap the fruits of those actions. They may be sweet or sour, Good or bad, Positive or negative.. This can also be done collectively as a group. Its your choice, male of it as you wish

It’ll work. Give it a try.  send out positive thoughts and messages to the universe.


I enjoy it all, I love the challenge and I love to negotiate. Its incredibly satisfying to put a plan into action from when listing a property. Beginning with meeting the people and waking thru the property inspecting it and gathering  all the data. Then dissecting that information while researching the comparables and making adjustments re time, condition, Upgrades or lack of, Studying the Location plus a host of other finishes. Eventually coming to that altimate value.  Its pretty exciting coming to that conclusion. It’s extremely important to be accurate. It could be costly to my sellers both if your evaluation is low obviously or too high and it doesn’t sell. It’s the most important piece of the puzzle. It’s like when your building you better start from square or its going to turn into a jumbled up mes.  I take it very seriously. Puting everything into action and then having seeing it all come together thru the marketing and negotiating is a real rush.

Working with Buyers and showing  them properties is just as exciting. The best are the 1st time buyers. They’re nervous and anxious and even fearful. They need guidance and advice from financing to the mechanicals of a property.  When they do finally purchase and sign that final document it’s usually over the top with excitement. I push myself for my clients to do the best I can get the best deal the best price and the best  terms for my clients.

I don’t want  the deal.
I want  the best deal possible for my clients.
That’s my favourite part of selling real estate. Satisfied Clients!

I needed a job!

My Formal Education is in Child Care. I received my diploma in 1975 at Fanshawe College  In London and worked with children with The Children’s Aid Society in Assessment and treatment centres  and group homes in London, Hamilton and St. Catherines till 1979.

I met Jayne my wife of 39 years in a group home in Mississauga where she was in charge of 9 boys in one house and 9 girls in another. Long story short we married 7 months later. Things happening quickly and  at midnight October 31st 1979 (Halloween night ) the CAS went on strike. I cared for and was committed to the kids I worked with and It bothered me taking them out trick or treating, then putting them to bed and walking out of their lives at mid night.  I resigned and left Child Care and was out of work. My brother Garry called the next day and asked if I wanted to come and work with him in real estate. He was the youngest broker with Canada Permanent Trust

We packed up again, moved to Kitchener and I received my Real Estate license in early January.  It’s now 39 fantastic years and counting


My Great grandfather William Harris  on my Dad’s side played the first musical instrument the Coronet on the 1st long distance phone call from Brantford to Paris .

I’m a Cancer survivor!


Augusta Georgia. Every year since 1997 in early April going on a 2 week vacation  golfing every day the 1st week.

The 2nd week going to the Masters at Augusta National  with my closest friend Gary who I’ve known 55 years . The golf’s amazing the course  a piece of heaven. its beauty goes unchallenged in my mind. Its my piece of tranquility.

Jayne has my bags packed January 1st, 3 months before we leave ???


The Godfather
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid
Christmas Vacation
Organized Crime, the history,  their leaders
Books on the power of the mind , Intuition,
Thoughts change your life
Wishes fulfilled,  Wayne Dyer

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